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Whether you are an experienced competitor, a wedding couple wanting to share a romantic “first dance,” or a hobbyist exploring the fun world of social dancing, Beth can help you. On these pages, you’ll find valuable information about ballroom dancing, as well as resources to enhance your dance experience.



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Start your dancing on the right foot with Beth!


Regular group classes are currently being held at Parkrose Dance Avenue, 4848 NE 105th Ave, Portland OR 97220.  $10/person.  Come on along and learn some great dances, meet new friends, dance with all your favorite people!


Monday nights in October 2016


Bree Blevins teaches Beginning-Intermediate East Coast Swing at 7 pm and

Showcase Performance at 8 pm


Tuesday nights in October 2016


Dave Watson teaches Beginning American Foxtrot at 7 pm and

Showcase Performance at 8 pm


Wednesday nights in October 2016


Beth teaches Beginning-Intermediate International Waltz at 7 pm and

Intermediate-Advanced Showcase Performance at 8 pm

(Special Note:  Dave Watson will be covering Beth’s group classes in September and October while Beth recovers from an injury.  Beth will be back as soon as possible!)


Thursday nights in October 2016


Craig Boyer teaches Beginning Nightclub at 7 pm and

Beyond The Basics Hustle at 8 pm





We haven’t done a Showcase in a while, and IT’S TIME.  This is a wonderful way to show your friends and family what you do on your off time (pun intended) and to give yourself a goal to learn something new.  We are very excited about this, so talk to your teacher SOON.



Beth is teaching an exciting seminar series,  Technique Geek Speak!  This ongoing series will provide the opportunity to explore fundamental technical elements of better dancing.  Note:  this is NOT a dance class!  It’s a technique workshop.  all levels, all styles welcome!  Watch for details about the third installment.





September Party!!

It’s OKTOBERFEST time!  Break out the lederhosen and dirndls and dance the night away with us.  Bree will be teaching Polka at 7:30 and the party starts at 8:30.  $10/person for all the dancing fun you can have!








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  • Testimonial

    As a professional in the ballroom dance industry and a studio owner, my staff and I have relied upon Beth to give us a solid foundation in the ballroom dances. As she is a United States Champion, we know that we are getting the correct information from her and we also see many of her students performing the skills of ballroom dancing very well. Beth is fun during lessons but appropriately demanding, and has so much experience with teaching that she is ready for anything and can handle students of any level. We are happy to recommend her to students and professionals alike.

    ~ Rebecca B.

  • Testimonial

    Beth Knoll is an amazing ballroom instructor, easily the best in the Portland area! Not only do you, as a student or couple, have her undivided attention to learn ballroom dancing, but she gives you the insight to understand the all important "why" you need in order to (eventually after practice) do the patterns with grace and competence. ~Nick F.
  • Testimonial

    Beth Knoll offers a rare opportunity in Portland to train with a national champion, and to take lessons at a high level. Beth is friendly and outgoing, in her classes she provides sophisticated routines combined with great teaching techniques.
  • Testimonial

    Beth travels the country to judge major ballroom dance competitions so she has a good eye and can quickly spot when you are doing something wrong. And, because of her experience, she knows what you can do to correct the problem and is able to communicate that clearly to her students. If you take her group classes, you will get an idea of how clearly she communicates these sometimes difficult dance concepts. Of course, she is even more able to go into details during her private lessons. In summary, Beth is a fabulous instructor who can effortlessly communicate her dance talents to her students. Her students benefit from excellence in competition, or become better social dancers. ~Nick F.
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